Electric Combi Boilers by Daxom suitable for homes that don’t want or do not have a gas supply.

Daxom electric combi boilers

Here at Daxom we are the sole Distributors for the Daxom range of electric combi boilers.

Above all, our electric combi boilers will meet both your heating and hot water needs and consequently deliver the desired comfort to your home. Our device operates on full modulation. The principle is heating water by electrical energy. With a stylish touch screen display and control panel, you can set the desired temperatures for your heating and domestic hot water as required. Most noteworthy, the consumer has full control over his energy costs.

This electric combi boiler is 99% efficient and provides savings in energy consumption, significantly due to modulation. You can program the Daxom electric boilers daily and weekly with temperature variations and on/off times, this again will save energy and therefore money for the consumer. The small and compact dimensions of the electric combi boilers means it can be installed almost anywhere in the property as no flue or external wall is needed.

Daxom 12 kW Compact Electric Combi Boiler, wall hung

Compact Electric Combi Boiler Single Phase 12 kW

  • 230 / 240V single phase
  • Touch screen display
  • Summer – Winter mode option
  • Full modulation, high efficiency
  • Continuous hot water
  • Clean, safe, economical, and environmentally friendly
  • 99% efficient
  • Does not produce carbon monoxide or condensate
  • 3 daily and 21 weekly programs available
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Daxom 12 kW EBM

Electric Combi Boiler With Inbuilt Cylinder Single Phase 12 kW

  • Clean, safe, economical, and environmentally friendly
  • 99% efficient with full modulation
  • Does not produce carbon monoxide or condensate
  • Instantaneous hot water from the 50 litre enamelled cylinder
  • Easy stylish touch screen operation, digitally displayed temperatures
  • 230 / 240V single phase
  • Compatible with solar energy
  • Full modulation, high efficiency
  • Hot water flow rate: up to13 Litres per minute
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Electric Combi Boilers Three phase 380/400v suitable for commercial properties

Lead time for all three phase electric boilers is four weeks from the date of order

£1,499.00£1,599.00 excluding VAT
£2,399.00£2,599.00 excluding VAT

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