Electric Combination Boilers explained. Daxom boilers will do both your heating and your Domestic Hot Water requirements. They are a great solution for properties or households that have no access to natural gas or where oil or LPG is not practical. With advancements in technology, electric combi boilers have evolved into a advanced and competitive product mainly because they are easier to maintain and install than gas boilers, and are extremely quiet in operation.

Some of the benefits of electric combi boilers are that they are small and compact, so can often fit in a cupboard in the kitchen for example, or under the stairs etc. The other huge benefit is that they require no flue pipe, unlike a gas or oil boiler as they don’t release any gases into the environment, so the risk of CO poisoning from a faulty flue or boiler are eliminated, this means that you can locate your electric combi boiler in more locations to suit your needs, rather than having to position it to accommodate the flue system and regulations that you have with gas or oil boilers.


 A typical house or flat will have a single phase supply whilst a large mansion or commercial building may have a three phase supply.

The way to tell what kind of supply a property has is by looking at the fuse on the service head. Single-phase has one 100 Amp fuse ( some older properties may have a 60 Amp fuse, but it’s quite rare ) and a three phase supply has three 100 Amp fuses.

A UK home typically has a 100 Amp supply fuse, this means that all the home electrical appliances , whilst being used simultaneously should not draw over 100 Amps, otherwise the fuse can blow.

Below is a chart showing the electrical ratings of commonly used household appliances.

Domestic Electric Appliances Amps Used
Laptop 0.5
Mobile phone charger 0.5
Kettle 13
Satellite TV box 0.5
Printer 0.5
Radio 0.5
Electric Radiator 8.5
DVD player 0.5
Hair dryer 10
Landline cordless telephone charger 0.5
Computer monitor 0.5
Desktop computer 3
Television 42″ HD 0.5
Games console 0.86
Washing machine 10
Toaster 9
Tumble dryer 11
Dishwasher 10
Iron 12.5
Microwave 4.5
Vacuum cleaner 9
Radiator (oil filled) 13

Therefor taking into consideration the diversity factor a 12 kW Daxom Electric Combination Boiler is the most suitable choice to heat your home and domestic hot water.


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