Daxom UK Ltd Warranty Terms & Conditions

Please find below the terms and conditions for Daxom Boilers and labour warranties:

  1. The Daxom Electric Boilers come with a 2-year warranty.
  2. The installer must be competent electrician with minimum 18th edition Part P qualification.

If this condition is not met, this warranty is void.

  1. The boiler warranty must be registered with Daxom UK Ltd, by either the installer, the householder, within 30 days of the boiler being installed. For new build properties, this must be done within 30 days of the sale being completed.
  2. While the warranty is in place, we will replace parts which are faulty.
  3. For a callout there will be a charge of £80 exc. Vat, we may ask you to pay us a deposit before we visit you to repair the boiler. We will return the deposit in full if we find a fault that is covered by this warranty. We may keep the deposit if we cannot access your property at the time we had arranged with you to visit.
  4. Any repair carried out under the terms of this warranty does not extend the warranty beyond its original period.
  5. This warranty only applies to boilers bought in and used in the United Kingdom.
  6. Engineers will not carry out repairs if they think accessing the boiler would be a risk to health and safety.
  7. If your boiler is in a cupboard, there must be enough room for the engineer to work (the minimum area as set out in the installation instructions). We will not accept responsibility for removing cupboards, kitchen units, trims and so on to gain access for repairs.
  8. This warranty does not in any way affect your statutory or legal rights.

11.  This warranty does not cover the following.

  1. Any damage, whether accidental, negligent, malicious or otherwise.
  2. Stolen boilers will not be covered.
  3. Any other costs or expenses caused by, or arising as a result of, a repair. We do not cover consequential costs.
  4. Any damage caused by hard water scale deposits or sludge resulting from corrosion.
  5. Boilers which have not been: Installed and set up strictly in line with the installation instructions supplied with them (including the requirement to clean the system and add corrosion inhibitor in line with BS 7593:2019)


September 2019