Why Electric Combi Boilers Rather Than Gas?


  • Does not produce Carbon Monoxide or condensation
  • When protected by RCD & MCB totally safe
  • Carbon Monoxide detectors are not required
  • Does not require Gas Safe certificate in case of rental properties

Economical To Run

  • No Gas Valve, Fan, Air Pressure Switches, Ignition PCB’s, Airflow detectors, Ignition leads, Electrodes
  • No yearly servicing required
  • Easy fault finding
  • Fewer and more affordable parts
  • Can be integrated with PV or solar panels to yield further savings


 99.9% energy efficient . 

Gas Boilers vary in their efficiency, depending on the age of the boiler and its service history. 

Gas boilers use electricity to drive the fan for carbon monoxide elimination, this consumption of electricity is eliminated from electric combination boilers.

Gas boilers use full 24 kW to give instant hot water where our electric combination boiler uses 2 – 12kW to give instant and continuous hot water.